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Day 2: Navigating the Madness

May 12, 2016

It’s only one o’clock in the afternoon and I’ve already done more than I usually do in a week back at home. If you ever go to a writer’s conference, prepare to hit the ground running. Leave your timidity at the door and boldly put yourself out there. Be prepared to meet new people, listen to criticism, promote your work, sit with agents and editors at meals, and ask lots of questions.

The sight of my schedule today was absolutely overwhelming.

10:15 continuing session

11:00 one on one with an editor

11:15 critique with a literary agent

11:45 lunch

1:15 next session (which I’m presently skipping .to write this)

2:15 intensive fiction writing critique

4:45 critique with a literary agent

4:45 continuing session (that is not a typo, these two things are scheduled at the same time)

6:00 dinner

7:30 general session

9:30 meeting

And sometime after that, I will sleep.


I began this day in the first session with my usual doubts: What am I doing here among these people? Their experience, their worship music, and even their tastes in fiction are in stark contrast to my own. Did God really call me here or was I here of my own accord?

In our first session, Tim Shoemaker spoke about battling the discouragement and Peter Lundell spoke about writing from the heart. Their words were a balm that helped to ease the real fear behind my doubts. Am I good enough?

It helped to hear Lundell teach that writing as a Christian is about influence. Influence doesn’t necessarily mean impacting large numbers, sometimes it means impacting large people.

After the session, I stepped into a bathroom stall and prayed. Father, give me peace. Calm my spirit.

My day is not even close to being finished, but a spirit of excitement has replaced the spirit of doubt. I am here. I am called. And if I’m enough for the Creator of the universe, I am definitely enough for other mere mortals. I’m going to relax a little more, be myself, and enjoy this crazy pace for a little while longer.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso



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