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Day 3: Awaken, Oh Spirit

May 13, 2016

I’m tired.

But what a glorious tired it is!

If you get a chance to go to a Christian writer’s conference—do it! If you can, go far away from home, and go alone. In the quiet before God, I have found peace and…confidence. The sweetness of this precious time clears the distractions, stills my soul, and allows my gaze to naturally lift heavenward.

This morning, Alan Arnold spoke a simple truth that illustrates my journey here: “A fantastical life chases dreams so big God has to show up.

Here, at the base of the rugged Rockies is my fantastical dream, and my Father has shown up in a grand way.

I had three meetings yesterday with two editors and an agent to pitch both my published book and my new manuscript. The positive responses amazed me and affirmed that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I am right where I belong.

Alan said something else that really resonated. “The story of the scripture is God awakening Orphans to their truer identity as his Sons and Daughters.”

One of the most encouraging parts of this adventure is the people I’ve met. People stepping out on faith to follow a dream bigger than themselves. People desiring to glorify God with the talents he’s given them. I bet these people daring to put their hearts on a platter and lift them high before God and other mortals, put a smile on their Father’s face. I can hear him say, “You are my child in whom I delight. I came to give you life to the full.”

There is so much in my heart to tell you, and it shames me as a writer to admit that I simply don’t have the words to describe the most important thing happening here. The change in me.

As a child, my sister and I once buried some action figures in my grandparent’s backyard in California. The next summer we searched and searched for those toys, but we never found them again. I was heartbroken—as only a child who has lost a toy or faced disappointment can truly understand. In life, I am still that child, disappointed at some pivotal, intangible thing lost. Mourning a hope, a dream, a fantasy that faded amid the necessary drudgeries of living. But here, at the foot of the mountains, alone in the presence of God, I feel that I’ve glimpsed it again.

And thus, the journey continues.

“A fantastical life chases dreams so big God has to show up.” Alan Arnold



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